About Us

Santa Monica locationOriginal Preschool Location

The preschool originated as part of the Pacific Palisades Presbyterian Church located on Sunset Blvd. It was reborn as Palisades Preschool in the summer of ’99 when a group of dedicated parents joined a director and a teaching staff they believed in and set out to open a new school.

Santa Monica Location

Now, as a part of the Santa Monica palisades, the preschool is housed within St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Lincoln Blvd. and is celebrating its 16th year at this site.

Our Logo

Our logo represents our continuing evolution as a community of educators, families and children. Keeping the original logo template of children at play, we have chosen to transform the symbol’s original primary blue, red and yellow into shades of blue, brown and green—the colors of the ocean and sky meeting the Santa Monica palisades. This color reconstruction reflects our intention to redefine ourselves as we continue to refine and enhance our educational practices within the context of our history as a community.

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Our Philosophy
We believe that children learn by exploring and experiencing, by asking and telling, and by reflecting upon and revisiting their experiences.

Our Curriculum
As a powerful, growth-promoting and essential experience in the world of young children, play constitutes the basis of our curriculum.

Our Faculty
We understand that teaching and learning are relationships-based processes.

How We View Families as Partners in Education
Families play an integral role in many aspects of our school community.

Our Observation and Documentation Practices
We use a variety of methods of formal and informal observation and documentation to help us understand the whole child within the context of the group.

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