Preschool faculty professional developmentOur preschool faculty understand that teaching and learning are relationships-based processes. Each of our four classrooms of 12 to 16 children offers low teacher-child ratios with two co-teachers who collaborate with one another and with other staff members to support children’s growth and development. Our staff includes ten classroom co-teachers, three studio teachers, one assistant teacher, one music specialist, a facility maintenance and service staff, a preschool director/pedagogista and co-director.

Studio teachers work with toddlers and with preschool children in classrooms and within our indoor and outdoor studios. They support learning by introducing interesting and inspiring materials to provoke process-oriented investigations.

Preschool faculty are nurturing and caring professionalsOur teachers have been carefully chosen for their experience and education in the field of early childhood education, as well as for their nurturing personalities and their dedication to young children. An evolved sense of ethics and commitment to child advocacy are considered bedrock requirements for all of our staff members.

Professional Development

Teachers are encouraged to pursue continuing education in the field. We ask that our faculty understand and apply child development theories and best practices in early childhood education and to model the behaviors of life-long learners.

The school faculty meets regularly as a whole group and in smaller teams to share observations and reflections, to shape the curriculum, and to prepare environments.

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