The Storyteller, June 2017


Documentation and Participation: Solidarity between children, teachers and parents

“Through Reggio’s politics of education and learning, the meaning of the school comes up for democratic attention. It is a place for both the transmission and the creation of culture and values. It is a place that recognizes children as citizens. It is a place of possibilities, where knowledge and identity are co-constructed and learning processes are investigated, always in relationship with others—a forum, a place of encounter, a construction site, a workshop and a permanent laboratory are just some of the metaphors…And it is a place which is both a community in itself as well as an integral part of a wider community” (Dahlberg and Moss, 2006).

PPS Newsletter

Dear Families and Friends,

And here we are in June, looking back at our experiences together over the past months. Through documentation we are able to revisit these moments and reflect upon the participation of children, teachers, directors and parents—together creating a culture of collaboration, solidarity, and choice.

I selected this photo of a Rosemary child on the studio deck, carefully choosing from a beautiful palette of colors, as a metaphor for an image of the child as a citizen with rights. By offering children the possibility of making choices regarding subjects, materials, spaces, time, connections and relationships, we are, with the children, simultaneously transmitting and creating a culture of democratic values.

We thank all of you for your participation as members of a community of teachers and learners. The work exhibited in May during our Hundred Languages Open House and the work represented in the teachers’ exceptional documentation books celebrates our work together these past months –and years. The children’s vibrant participation in the life of our little amiable school is also a tribute to our work together.

We wish children and families who will be leaving our spaces wonderful new beginnings at other fine schools— and we look forward to welcoming back those who will return to us in August. Thank you for choosing our school for your child’s early childhood education experience.

With warmest wishes for happy summer months,


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Coming Events

PPS NewsletterParent Orientation Meeting #1:
Friday, June 2 from 9:30 to 12:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall. This meeting is the first of two orientation meetings for parents of children who are new to the preschool. Topics will include parent participation, fundraising, and preschool policies and procedures. Please RSVP to Karen. Thank you.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon:
Friday, June 2 from 1:00 to 3:00 at the home of Elizabeth and Alex Kendall. We thank our hosts for their hospitality and the Teacher Appreciation Committee, chaired by Elizabeth Kendall: Brandy Han, Chelsea Bent, Bianca Blair, Cindy Maloney, Leah Greavu, Fallon Epstein, Denise Wallace, Heidi Hendrix and Ken Wimer, Sean and Laurie Mihal, Rima Thierry, and Celina Meites.

After School Classes and Stay & Play:
The last day for Stay & Play is on Monday, June 5. On Thursday, June 1, children enrolled in Karate will have their Belt Ceremony. Ballet, Yoga and Percussion finished in May.

Catered Lunches and Picnics:
The last day for catered lunches this year will be on Monday, June 5. On Tuesday, June 6, children will have a pizza lunch provided by the school as part of the Carnival. On Wednesday, June 7, ALL children will bring a lunch from home. The Cherry Blossom and Rosemary children will enjoy their lunch from home in their classrooms at regular times. The Sunflower children will go to Reed Park for a “picnic” and play time. The Lavender children will have our play yard to themselves and enjoy their lunch outside or in the classroom.

PPS Carnival:
Karen is organizing the attractions for our annual Carnival, planned for Tuesday, June 6 on our play yard (Bounce House, Snow Cone Machine and Vendor, Popcorn Machine, Hair Braid and Face-Painting Artist, and Magician!). The Cherry Blossom and Rosemary children attend the Carnival from 9:15 to 11:00 and the Lavender and Sunflower children, from 11:00 to 12:45. All children will have a pizza lunch in their classrooms following the Carnival. CB & R children will go home at regular times: 1:00 and at 1:15. L & S children will go home at regular times: 1:30 and 1:40. We thank the Carnival Committee for their help with the set-up and clean-up and we thank each classroom community for helping to cover the cost of the event.

Lavender/Sunflower End of Year Celebration:
Thursday, June 8 from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. in the Parish Hall. Teachers and directors, with help from Parker Bent, will present the children with their Portfolio as a symbol of their graduation from PPS—or from the Lavender room to the Sunflower room. Refreshments and a social time follow the presentation ceremony. We have hired a videographer for this event.

Last Day of School:
Friday, June 9. This short morning is intended as a quiet time for the children and teachers. The children help put away materials and say good-by to one another and their teachers. Cherry Blossom and Rosemary children will go home at 11:00 and 11:15. Lavender children will go home at 11:30 and Sunflower children will go home at 11:50.

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Atelier Books

PPS NewsletterIn collaboration with teachers and Nancy, Nathalie and Valeria have each created amazing documentation books of the SKY investigation of the past months. Within each book, all children are represented as individuals within the context of the group. We have ordered the books for parents who signed up to purchase these beautiful examples of documentation and we will distribute them by the end of the school year.

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Small Group Documentation Books and Presentations

PPS NewsletterSummer, Craig, and classroom teachers are also synthesizing their documentation of the small group experiences in classrooms and outdoor spaces. These works are intended to support teachers’ professional development through a process of reflection and analysis. Some of these books will be available for order during the last week of the school year—distributed in September. Others will be available for order in September and also distributed in September. All of the documentation books and presentations will become part of our documentation archives and will also serve as presentations at future educator tours or workshop/conference initiatives.

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PPS Faculty Announcements

PPS NewsletterWe are happy to share the good news that Brittany Russell will be returning to PPS in August. Some of you may know that Brittany chose to leave her work in the Lavender room last February in order to help care for her mother, who was ill at that time. As her mother is improving, Brittany will be back!

Former Rosemary teacher, Stephanie Goubert, has decided that she will spend the next school year at home with her baby daughter. While we will certainly miss Stephanie, we understand her choice.

Nancy has hired a wonderful teacher, Paige Laeyendecker, to join our faculty for the 2017-2018 school year. Paige is graduating from an amazing graduate program offered through a collaboration between Boulder Journey School (a large Reggio inspired school, serving infants, toddlers and preschool children) and University of Denver. Paige has experience as a teacher of young children at a mixed age school in Denver. She will move to our area in August. Welcome, Paige!

Lori Hernandez is expecting her baby in late August and will take an extended maternity leave at that time. We are planning to hire someone part-time to work as the lunch helper and to take over many housekeeping responsibilities.

We will be fortunate to have Lisette Sandoval in the role of support teacher, taking over some of Lori’s work with children and teachers.

We thank Raven Cole for her work this year as classroom Coach and Support Teacher in the Lavender class. It is possible that Raven will continue her relationship with our school as a substitute teacher in the new school year.

With the intention of creating strong teaching teams in all classrooms—and considering the importance of continuity for the children as they move to their new classrooms in August—Karen, teachers and I are working together to match teachers, studio teachers and age groups. We will share our choices in the August mailing and parents will have an opportunity to meet new and returning teachers at the Parent Orientation meetings on August 22 (New Parents) and August 23 (Returning Parents).

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End of Year Invoices

PPS NewsletterKaren is preparing final invoices for Stay & Play and catered lunch charges for June. She will also include charges for the Atelier book orders and other miscellaneous charges. We appreciate prompt payment of all outstanding amounts by Wednesday, June 7. Thank you.

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Summer Mailing

In early August, new and returning families will receive a packet with the Class List (including names of children and teachers and weekly attendance schedules), Preschool Calendar for 2017-2018, the Catered Lunch Contract, and other important information about the new school year. Please be sure that Karen has your current mailing address. Thank you.

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With Appreciation

PPS NewsletterWe would like to express our appreciation to all of you who served on committees this year—especially to those who chaired committees. Your participation is so essential to the life our preschool.

We want to thank our wonderful Room Parents: Celina, Melanie, Brandy and Angela (Cherry Blossom); Michelle Dean, Cindy Maloney, Ann Sanchis, and Glenda Perry (Rosemary); Elizabeth Kendall, Catherine Griffin Matlow, and Robyn King (Lavender); Celina Meites, Michelle Vick and Erin O’Donnell (Sunflower). You have been fantastic Room Parents!

We are also appreciative of the many lovely celebrations many parents shared with the children on holidays throughout the school year.

A special “thank-you” goes to Jeff Rouze, who takes such good care of our facility during the school year and over the summer, making our school look beautiful when we open again in August.

AND, I would like to thank Karen Booth, my steadfast preschool administration partner, for her expertise, patience, understanding and competence in so many aspects of school life, and for her dedication to our work with children and families. Karen has worked at PPS for the past 18 years! Thank you, Karen!

Finally, I would also like to express gratitude to our PPS Board of Trustees, led by President, Rich Lin, and incoming President, Heidi Hendrix. Rich, Heidi, Allison, Celina, Catherine, Whitney and Jeff—your support and insight have contributed greatly to the stability and success of our organization. We will sadly say good-by to Rich and Allison as their children move to elementary school–and we will welcome returning parents, Michelle Martinez, Michelle Vick, Chelsea and Parker Bent and Scott Blair to the Board in the fall. We are grateful to you all for your commitment to the preschool. Thank you.

Rich, we will miss you, in particular, as a supporter of our school for the past 7 years!! We will miss you and hope that you and your family will visit us when you can!

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June Calendar

  • Friday, June 2—New Parent Orientation Meeting #1 from 9:30 to 12:00 p.m. in Parish Hall
  • Friday, June 2—Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at 1:00
  • Sunday, June 4—End of the school year beach party at the Annenberg
  • Monday, June 5 – Last day of Catered Lunches and Stay & Play for the school year—Regular Dismissal
  • Tuesday, June 6—PPS Annual Carnival and Pizza Lunch—Regular Dismissal (1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:40)
  • Wednesday, June 7—ALL children bring lunch to school (Sunflower children go to Reed Park)—Regular Dismissal
  • Thursday, June 8—Sunflower/Lavender Graduation Celebration 9:15 to 10:15 Early Dismissal (12, 12:15, 12:30, 12.40)
  • Friday, June 9—Last day of the school year—Children go home at 11, 11:15, 11:30 and 11:50, Staff End of Year Lunch at 1:00
  • Monday-Thursday, June 12-15—Teacher Work Days
  • Friday, June 16—Preschool closed for Summer Vacation

August Calendar

  • Week of August 7—Teachers/Directors return to prepare for the new school year School Calendar, Class Lists mailed to all families
  • Tuesday, August 22—Cherry Blossom/Rosemary Parent Orientation #2 from 10 to 12:30 in the Parish Hall
  • Wednesday, August 23—Sunflower/Lavender Parent Orientation from 10 to 12 in the Parish Hall
  • Thursday, August 24—First Day of the new school year
  • Saturday, August 26—Family Picnic at Rustic Canyon Park from 10 to 12 p.m.

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Pictures from School Events

Puppet Show

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

Lunch with Loved Ones

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

Juice Bar

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

SKY Exhibit

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

TREE Necklaces

PPS Newsletter

PPS Newsletter

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